How to be an ideological hitman with style (part 1)

In this civilized world, laws and order are in the mouths of leaders and the “right” things to do (as they are always mentioned but never done, go figure!), there is the need for a new type of individual. The time for the ideological must give way to the practical person, the one who can make the real difference. So, it is time for the ideological hitman.

Who or what is this type of person, you may ask? Well, he could be anyone. Your friend, lover, associate, even your granny! So get out of that cozy sofa and start practicing today! Because this is the time of opportunity and is right there waiting for you.

The basic idea? Just have any idea, as stupid as it may be, and put it in motion, with the collateral of instilling others with the same idea. Think of it as the flu, for example. One starts it, then sooner or later the world is the same all-merry-go-round with a flu-ish attitude.

You´ll have to be resourceful if you wat to succeed, though. No, you don´t need to be Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Trump or Hilton and his millions to impose your ideas (but it helps A LOT, mind you). Just have your relogious sidekick (a younger brother, friend, or fiancee), to back up your crazy ideals and the rest will eventually follow

Now, first of all: Style. Noone is willing to follow someone if he/she doesn´t have style, charisma, mojo. Dress casual, but not too vagrant. Elegant, but not nihilistic. Charismatic, but approachable. That´s the basic ingredient for a successful ideological hitman. You can blabber all you want, but if you look like the rest, you´ll be treated like the rest. Dress like the best, you´ll impress the rest. (Catchy, isn´t it?)

Next, your idea. The thing you´re selling. It has to be very simple, so a kid must understand the global concept. But at the same time it must me too complex for people to archieve this “truth” by themselves. They must need you. They must come to you and hear every boring gibberish you say, in order to be “closer” from the truth. So you must learn people skills, you must learn diplomacy, you must have concepts of religions, politics, general info and some history if you want to impress your followers. Nothing is better that citing obscure quotes somehow others have overlooked. That will gain acceptance for your great “insight”.

Well, my apprentice, there is much more to learn, but it is another chapter, and what´s the point in selling a book if you can sell 2 or 3 books? So you must purchase the next one to continue in your illuminated path. As you can see, I do what I preach, and that is another tip to be a successful ideological hitman. The world is yours to conquer, my friend. As long as you buy my books and follow the guidelines, all will be fine.



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